Event Info

Event Name:2017 California State Championship
Host:Easton Archery Center of Excellence
Event Type:Tournament (State - California)
Event Cost:$25.00
Late Fee:$10.00
Late Fee Start Date:03/29/2017
CC Processing Fee (if applicable):$1.00
Event Grade Level:Both MS and HS
Event Date:04/01/2017
Last Day to Register:03/29/2017
Registration Status:Open
Location(s):The Easton Archery Center of Excellence in Chula Vista, CA

Update! List of qualified schools:
Los Angeles Middle Schools:
Highland Academy Middle School
San Gorgonio Middle School
Sequoia Middle School
iLEAD Pacoima
Mountain View Middle School
Almeria Middle School
Alder Middle School
Competitive Edge Charter Academy

San Diego Middle Schools:
John Muir Middle School
Magnolia Science Academy - San Diego
Grauer Middle School
High Tech Middle School Chula Vista
Muirlands Middle School
Dehesa School

Los Angeles High Schools:
Da Vinci High School
Beaumont High School
Fontana District High School
Rancho Mirage High School
North Hollywood High School
Northridge Academy High School
Highland Hall Waldorf High School
St. Michael's College Preparatory School

San Diego High Schools:
Grauer High School
Our Lady of Peace
John Muir High School
High Tech High Chula Vista (HS)

2017 High School and Middle School California State Championship

Starts: Saturday, April 1st, 2017

Join us for our California State Championship! This one-day tournament will bring together the top 8 OAS schools in Los Angeles and the top 8 OAS schools in San Diego for a fun day of archery and competition.

Archers will have the opportunity to compete for medals in the ranking round, Olympic round, and Team Round events as well as the State Champion Title. A trophy will also be given this year for the top middle schools and high schools.

The tournament will be held at The Easton Archery Center of Excellence in Chula Vista, CA
Directions: http://www.eastonarcherycentercv.org/contact/directions/

Early bird entry fee is $25 per archer until March 27th.

Registration after March 29th is $35 so register early! Absolutely no registrations will be accepted after March 29th! Absolutely NO payments will be accepted on-site!

Fees must be paid online or by check through the mail by March 31st. If paying by check, please make it out to the "Easton Sports Development Foundation" and add a note that it is for the 2017 California State Championship.

08:15 am - Check-in
08:50 am - Welcome
09:00 am - Official Practice
09:30 am - Official Scoring Ranking Round
12:00 pm - Lunch and Ranking Round Awards
01:00 pm - Olympic and Team Round Matches
04:00 pm - Awards

A lunch break will be provided for attendees.

All of your archery equipment
Fold-up chair
Pop-up tent in case of RAIN or SHINE!
Be prepared for Rain. The event goes on Rain or Shine!
Money for lunch, snacks, and entry fee if paying at the check in table

For more information on competition rules, please see our OAS League Handbook

Sponsorship opportunities are available for both local organizations and community members. Please contact Keaton Chia @ kchia@esdf.org if you wish to support our local program.